Dill Pickled Carrots

Please note: I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website So one of the advantages to having a large garden set up is that there are lots of fresh veggies to eat once they are ripe. The draw back is that sometimes…… Continue reading Dill Pickled Carrots

Restaining the wood siding

So one of the interesting aspects of our home is the unique siding. When we first purchased we thought that the greyish-brown colour of the house was due to weathering of the cedar siding, and while that might be true in some spots of the house, in others it looks like areas (such as the…… Continue reading Restaining the wood siding

A Quick Coop Update

So our chickens have finally laid their first eggs, well we have had two eggs in the last week so we are still waiting for them to start laying regularly. Of course our chickens had to be weird and lay their first egg under the lilac bush. I wasn’t even the one to find the…… Continue reading A Quick Coop Update

Harvesting Leaf Lettuce

So today was the big day! Early in the morning (around 7:30am my time), I took my tools and bags into the garden to do our first leaf lettuce harvest. We got way more lettuce than I was expecting (around 2kg of the stuff), but it wasn’t as hard to deal with as I thought.…… Continue reading Harvesting Leaf Lettuce

Hailey’s Story

This might be one of the more difficult posts to write for me, and could be a very difficult post to read. For those that don’t know us, there is some background that we need to share so that future posts make sense. My 4-year-old daughter Hailey-Ann was born with kidney disease. In fact, Hailey…… Continue reading Hailey’s Story

How the garden is doing

I have to start today’s post by explaining a little about me so that you can truly appreciate how far I have come when it comes to our garden. I never saw myself as having a hobby farm, let alone trying to grow a small market garden. My dream growing up was to become a…… Continue reading How the garden is doing